Lattice Filters are engineered structures exhibiting high strengths,reproducible tortuous pathwaysthermal shock resistance, and introduce no debris into the filtrate.

High surface areas, no line-of-site pathways, and consistent flow improve performance.



Investment Casting
Ferrous Casting
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Robocasting's lattice structure is unique and will efficiently remove impurities by maximizing the interaction between the metal and filter surface.  Mass transfer is superior to other methods of filtration due to the regular-tortuous path that splits the flow as it passes through each layer.  There are no line-of-sight paths, no variability in pore size, no variability in flow rate, and no weak areas in the filter to break off into the melt.



Flow rates are customizable for perfect, repeatable flow.  The engineered structure allows for small internal geometry adjustments to be made resulting in consistent, reliable flow for the life of your casting process.


  STRENGTH Superior strengths and lack of small fragile struts insure crumbs from the filter do not compromise your castings quality.


3-D PRINTING DIFFICULT GEOMETRIES The manufacturing flexibility of using 3D printing allows previously-challenging parts to be easily created.  See our photo gallery of possibilities.


  MATERIALS Robocasting's method of manufacturing allows for almost any material to be formed into our lattice structure. Our current experience encompasses over 30 materials ranging from alumina to zirconia.


To check out our LATTICETM  photo gallery, Click here.