Advanced Catalyst Support Structures

Looking to get more out of your catalyst system? Engineered lattice structures can be fabricated from inert materials to act as catalyst supports (good for high dollar catalysts). Or let us develop monoliths made entirely of your catalyst. Either way, see the difference a highly-tortuous, engineered structure can make.

  • Mass transfer increases by 3X are possible in coated systems. Therefore, ~1/3 of the catalyst is necessary to perform the same conversion.
  • Catalyst Monoliths increase conversion even further.
  • Robocast Lattices offer:
    • Repeatable pore sizes
    • Repeatable catalyst coverage
    • Repeatable flow characteristics

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Customization of catalytic structure includes:
  • Overall Dimensions (height, length/width, diameter, etc)
  • Gap Between Rods (a small gap is less than 0.1 mm, large gaps are several mm)
  • Rod Size (small rods are less than 0.1 mm, large rods are several mm)
  • Materials Selection